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    - 標簽:iphone8發布時間, -編輯: 蝕魂魔轟 -


    再過沒多久便是iPhone的新產品發布會了,此次發布的新產品iPhone8 的上市時間是什么時候還不可以了解,但是依照過去的國際慣例,美國蘋果公司一般全是在歷經短暫性預訂以后,再在十天以后全世界發售。

    再過沒多久便是iPhone的新產品發布會了(iphone8發布時間)英文對照如下:It will not be long before the new product launch. It is not clear when the new products released this time will go on sale. However, according to the past international practice, apple in the United States generally sells them all over the world after a short reservation. When will Apple go on sale in China? The release and sale schedule from to will be launched in the following year on Au


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