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    QQ好友上限并不是200么?如何 會出現3000了(qq好友上限是多少人)

    - 標簽:qq好友上限是多少人, -編輯: 和俊良 -


    今日不經意期內,發覺了一個重特大的信息,這個是啥狀況,QQ好友上限并不是200么?如何 會出現3000了,這是否意味著做QQ營銷推廣的春天到了。



    QQ好友上限并不是200么?如何 會出現3000了(qq好友上限是多少人)英文對照如下:Today, I inadvertently found a very important information. What's the situation? Isn't the friend limit? How does it appear? Does this mean that when the spring of marketing comes, I have a very important reform and innovation strategy. It's just that ordinary people can't meet the standard. Only super members with annual credit card fees have the right, which can really pay for it The problem is solved. The problem that only money can handle on the Internet is not a problem. When the traffic comes, you still worry about making money. Everyone's project investment? This has increased by


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